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Independent Certified Practicing Accountants

CHASE Accountants are Certified Accountants complying with complicated taxation and regulations can be a minefield for most new businesses, and an annual challenge for long established organisations, especially while trying to keep on track with the continuous adjustments and changes to legislation. That is why CHASE Accountants offers only precise, assertive and up-to-date advice that can help any businesses satisfy these progressively problematic necessities.

  • Finance

There are several other methods of obtaining finance other than a bank overdraft which in the medium to long term will provide security of ongoing funding without the necessity of a second charge on the family home.

Here are some examples of assistance given in sourcing funding for:




Plant and Machinery

Office Equipment


WARNING: Your home is at risk if any loan secured on it is not repaid.

  • Limited Companies Tax
    Limited Companies Tax
Limited Companies Tax

Companies House will inform HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) when a new limited company is formed, however it is still the responsibility of the company to inform HMRC that it exists and that it is liable to taxation.

Registering as a Limited Company is actually a good way of starting up as a service provider or business with minimal liability, giving you many of the advantages that come with ownership together with certain tax reliefs. CHASE Accountants are proud to offer a complete spectrum of accounting and tax services in order to help your business smoothly get off the ground.

From the very beginning we can provide a hassle free service helping you every step of the way, such as registering your Company name with Companies House.

We will also help process the following:

Applications for PAYE reference number

Applications for Corporation Tax number

Applications for VAT and Flat Rate VAT registration

Opening a business bank account

As Business Advisers we will additionally, arrange a consultation with your personal accountant, who can clarify the legal obligations that you will assume as a director of a limited company.

Here are our ongoing services and commitments to you as a Limited Company:

Completion of Annual Accounts

Assistance with all Compliance Issues

Assistance with Payroll function

Assistance with VAT Returns function

Assistance with Annual Returns

Completion of Director’s personal Tax Return

  • Partnership Tax
    Partnership Tax
Partnership Tax

Business partnerships have to complete individual Self Assessment tax returns. The nominated partner also needs to complete a Partnership Return (SA800) which will detail each partner’s share of the profits or losses.

Undoubtedly a more complex area within taxation are Partnerships however at CHASE Accountants we are firmly established as professionals to assure you we cover all aspects of partnership tax. CHASE Accountants will prepare partnership accounts and associated tax calculation requirements based upon your supplied documents.

Our accountancy team will then produce both the required partnership tax return in addition to separate individual tax returns for any partners. As business advisers we are also able to provide your business partnership with advice and planning in terms of how to best deal with any scenarios that may arise as a result of a partnership.

Here are some of the key features of our Partnership Tax Return Service:

Completion of Partnership Accounts

Completion of Individual Tax Returns

Preparation of Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet

Payroll facilities for weekly and monthly paid employees

End of Year Payroll Returns

Assistance with VAT Returns

  • Self Employed Tax
    Self Employed Tax
Self Employed Tax

Self Assessment requires the completion of an online or paper tax return form called SA100. Completion of your Self Assessment will inform HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) about your income, capital gains, and tax allowances.

Have you received an income which has not had Pay as You Earn (PAYE) tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions deducted prior to you receiving, if this is the case you will therefore be considered as self employed for tax purposes. If you are classed as self employed then you will be required to complete and submit a Self Assessment Personal Tax Return.

Some examples of self employed taxable incomes are:

Trading, selling or providing a service

Financial Investments

Rental agreements

Do you require professional help when completing your Self Assessment Personal Tax Return? If so CHASE Accountants has many years experience and expertise in handling Self Assessment Personal Tax Returns. Our Self Employed Tax Return service completely takes the hassle and problems away from you by providing a highly personalised and detailed tax service. As a professional accountancy service we will leave no stone unturned making sure all self employed tax requirements are met and that the entire process is handled with speed and efficiency. We achieve this high level of service by filing all tax returns electronically, which also holds the advantage of no tax returns going missing in the postal system.

CHASE Accountants keeps you fully updated and made aware of your self assessment tax return progress via your own personally assigned member of the CHASE Accountants accountancy team.

Here are some of the key features of Our Self Employed Tax Return Service:

Completion of Tax returns

Preparation of Income and Expenditure Statements

Preparation of Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet

Payroll facilities for weekly and monthly paid employees

End of Year Payroll Returns

Assistance with VAT Returns

About Us

C  hase Accountants tax services team is almost certainly one of the finest and most well known in their region. Our tax service has a firm foundation of adaptive and organised planning techniques that help our clients make substantial tax savings, plus we pride ourselves on being professional in every capacity that without doubt alleviates any intense administrative burden.

All Self Employed individuals, Partnerships and Limited Companies are subject to taxation so it is our aim to provide profound and solid advice of the highest level in order to achieve the desired financial targets. Our vision is “Helping you the business owner make more profit” and to relieve you of any concerns and stress, whilst ultimately we will be attending to your tax obligations and leaving you to focus on running your business.